How To Get Rid Of White Stretch Marks

white-stretch-marksIn general, there are many variations in the colors of stretch marks. Usually most people who have red or purple marks, but there are also white variations. As the tissues underneath the skin have been ripped due to overstretching, these would grow. The marks are somewhat more prevalent in girls who have been pregnant because they have increased in size quickly. Additionally, it may be because of the unexpected changes in hormones.

When the skin is stretching, differences can be formed by it. To be able to keep it from breaking down entirely, collagen starts to fill in these types of gaps. The collagen is the primary protein that protects the skin from breaking down by linking the skin tissues. Initially, the lines or marks are purple or reddish in appearance but as time passes, these marks will start to disappear in a silvery to white appearance.

In the event the marks are white, it means that the skin is regenerating while the purplish and reddish shades mean that the marks are still fresh or new. There’s no method to solve the issue when the marks are white or silver in appearance. A mark or a scar can not be totally removed but its look can be enhanced.

There are procedures on the best way to radically enhance the overall appearance of the marks but it can’t be removed. Some of the treatment options for these marks would contain laser treatment and microdermabrasion. Exactly like treating scars, you can’t be totally certain that the look of the marks will be hundred percent enhanced. Nevertheless, both of these treatments are the best options available as they’re able to make major enhancements in the overall appearance of the marks.

The laser treatment is not invasive and no operations are demanded. The melanin is a kind of protein that’s made in the epidermis layer of the skin.

This procedure can be done without causing interruptions with the standard actions. In fact, the process can occur very quickly in a period of two hours. However, there is a side effect to this process. Because it stimulates the production of melanin, it is able to make your skin appear darker like you’ve been to a tanning salon. But since the marks are generally in areas that are concealed, it will not be much of an issue.

On the other hand, the consequence of the process is not as good as the laser treatment. Apart from that, this treatment is also somewhat expensive for results that are simply typical. Some will still be clear although it can make some minor developments to the appearance of the scars or marks.

White stretch marks are old marks that are difficult to get rid of. Its appearance can only be enhanced through various approaches.