How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

pregnant womanStretch marks during pregnancy, once you have them, are complicated to get rid of.  Stretch mark removal is a lot tougher than prevention. But let us list some of the recognized facts about stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Causes

To state the clear, stretch marks appear when the size of component of the physique increases too immediately for the skin to naturally expand with out harm. Pregnancy and sudden weight gain are the main causes.

Prevention is Always Better than the Cure

It is probable to prepare the skin for expansion with out harm. The most essential element is the elasticity of the skin, and this is mostly impacted by the amount of moisture in the skin. These are the suggested steps to take to prevent pregnancy stretch marks from developing:


Drink at least eight glasses of water per day.  This keeps the skin totally hydrated from inside

Stretch Mark Cream

Apply an appropriate stretch mark pregnancy cream or lotion liberally on 3 occasions daily from about 3 months into pregnancy. The lotion should penetrate the epidermis (upper layer) and attain the dermis (middle layers). Do not leave it until later, when the skin is currently stretching and becoming damaged.


Exercising often, such as stomach workouts (consult your medical professional). This keeps the skin supple and elastic.

Massage the skin

Massage the skin with the cream or lotion often so as to preserve it as soft and healthily conditioned as probable.

Eat Sensibly

Try to be disciplined when you eat meals so that at all occasions the rate of growth of the physique is as slow as probable. It is rapid expansion of the skin that causes the marks.

If nothing at all else, time will heal, as the stretch marks will tend to fade to white over a period of time.

Stretch Mark Removal for these Who Already Have Them

Therapies can be categorized into home treatments and clinic solutions.

The things you can do at your own home:

  • Adhere to the procedures above to cut down further harm. The sooner immediately after harm that remedial action requires spot, the improved the possibilities of results.
  • Microdermabrasion treatment options (eight-10 treatment options) which function on the epidermis (leading) layers of the skin can repair substantially of the harm. Final results depend on the depth of harm of the skin, as the treatment can not be allowed to have an effect on the dermis layers of the skin.

Additional aggressive treatment options involve:

  • Laser treatment which works on the epidermis layers in substantially the very same way as the microdermabrasion approaches
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a last resort. This should not be undertaken for the sake of stretch removal alone as the advantages do not warrant the risks of this key surgical process. Nonetheless, combined with other advantages of excess skin removal, and tightening of the abdominal muscle tissues, the stretch pregnancy marks can be virtually eradicated, at least in this location of the physique.