Revitol VS Itworks Stretch Mark Creams

boxing glovesRevitol and Itworks are two natural skin care brands that sell stretch mark creams that are intended for minimizing the look of existing stretch marks and other body scarring, as well as preventing future damage to the skin. We decided to put these two products head to head by comparing them on a variety of important elements to see who comes out on top.


Both Revitol and Itworks are known for their use of completely natural ingredients. Both products contain high amounts of aloe vera, which is very effective in repairing scarred skin, and it is also an anti-inflammatory agent that contains several vitamins that nourish the skin to prevent future stretch marks and scarring from occurring.

However, the Revitol cream also contains squalene oil and grapefruit seed extract, which prevent future stretch marks by increasing the skin’s pliability and moisture. The natural ingredients in both products make them a very good choice for people with sensitive skin, because they are unlikely to cause any irritation or other skin reactions.

Texture and Smell

Revitol’s Stretch Mark Cream has a faint neutral scent and a texture that is very similar to a regular body lotion. The Itworks Stretch Mark Cream has a thinner texture, between the consistencies of a lotion and an oil. It also has a very clean, fresh, and natural scent.

Price and Value

Itwork’s cream currently costs $40 on the Itworks website, although the listed retail price for one bottle is $65.00. Each bottle contains a total of six ounces of product. Revitol’s cream also retails for  $40. Each bottle of the Revitol cream contains four ounces of product. Even though the Revitol cream seems cheaper on paper, the Itworks cream actually provides more product for money. Both products are also regularly sold on Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers at discounted prices, so it is worth taking some extra time to do a price comparison before making a purchase.


These stretch mark creams are both very effective in healing stretch marks and improving the overall health and look of the skin, but they each have strengths and weaknesses. The Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is most effective when used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It should be used consistently throughout the entire pregnancy as part of a skincare routine. It also will heal pre-existing stretch marks, but it must be used consistently for several weeks before improvement starts to show.

Itworks is most effective for treating pre-existing stretch marks, as well as lessening the appearance of other scars and fine lines on the body. It is especially good for evening out the skin tone as well. Like the Revitol cream, it’s most effective when used at least once a day as part of a skincare routine for several weeks. Since both of these products are natural, they do take longer to show results than a harsher chemical product would, but they also keep skin especially healthy.

Overall, both the Revitol and Itworks stretch mark creams are good choices for treating and preventing stretch marks and other skin problems. While they do have some minor differences, they are very comparable products in terms of price, ingredients, and effectiveness.