Stretch Marks After Weight Loss: How To Prevent Them

stretch-marks-after-weight-lossOne of women’s biggest dilemmas when dieting is the appearance of stretch marks.

They normally happen when a lot is stretched over a short span of time. They could appear during pregnancy and during general weight gain or weight loss. The medical term is stria.

For girls they usually appear on parts of the skin where fat is stored like the stomach, breasts, thighs and buttocks.

Stretch marks start as red lines and are somewhat lifted on the skin. They’re formed in the dermis that is the central layer of the skin. This part of the skin is really springy and helps the skin keep its shape.

However, if the dermis is constantly stretched and has reached its limit, it’ll break and form into stretch marks. They may become pink, reddish brown or dark brown depending on skin color and are often formed in lines similar to scars.

There is absolutely no definitive treatment for preventing stretch marks but the following recommendations can help you fade those that have appeared or to avoid them:

Eat foods or take supplements full of vitamins A, E and C in addition to your regular diet. (Note.

Add foods to your diet that have a high amount of zinc and silica. which will help form collagen. The supporting fibers from collagen are good for your skin. Eating foods like beetroots, soy beans, green vegetables, whole grains and bell peppers can help.

Essential fatty acids found in fish oils, coconut oils and several vegetable oils help to make cell walls.

Massage cocoa butter or vitamin E after bathing onto stretch marks or your skin.

Moisturizer creams containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) can help reduce their appearance although creams will not automatically prevent them.

Extreme approaches can include:

Laser Treatment: May not remove them but it will help make them less noticeable.

Cosmetic Surgery: Is an extreme and expensive option but it can remove stretch marks.

As a general rule you should massage your skin regular with a moisturizer to be able to boost the blood circulation to support new tissue to eat healthy foods, and to appear.

Finally, stretch marks can be avoided by pregnant women by eating enough food to nourish themselves and with a healthy, well balanced diet of foods that are advisable.